3. I’m thinking of using this place more as a blog because I’m a bit ambivalent at the moment. I find myself more and more engaged in conceptual art of mixed media such as collage and painting and multimedia such as installation and found objects. Photography has more or less been my main thing but I’m not sure where I’m going with it.

    I’ve always had a secret fear of technical images and what they do to the world. Though Patti Smith says the only fear should be the one of fear itself and I think it’s partially true. Me trying to let go of image-making won’t change the structure of neither perceived society nor the society perceiving. Still, there is something very destructive in the visual manifestation of our times but I hope to learn how to make it a prospect instead of a restriction.

    Anyhow. I recently got myself a cheap attic where I have room for both living and everything I’ve never had room for. The other day I met my neighbor in the stairwell. He was walking his chubby cat up and down. We greeted and I forgot his name and he asked what I did and I said I’m going into art history. I asked what he did and he said he did photography, painting and collage and taught art history at the university. And so we talked about the essence of a collage, of logic, sentiment and sensation while the cat fell asleep bored as hell. He invited me to have a look at his work and we said someday. I think I’ll bring a bottle of wine because he seems so kind.